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The Big Article Pack

The Big Article Pack
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With your needs in mind, I’ve put together the big article pack of PLR articles on ezine marketing, online dating, web design and the basics of investing.

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With your needs in mind, I’ve put together 4 totally different, high quality article packages – each consisting of 25 articles – that you can use and own FULL Private Label Rights and, Master Rights to them!

That means…

With These Articles, You Can:

Edit the articles and include your resource box with links pointing to your web site(s),

Compile brand new eBooks and special reports from these articles or even add content to your newsletter/eZine,

Charge up your marketing efforts easily by going viral with article marketing and freebie eBook submissions! And even,

Resell the source Private Label Rights! Your customers can also in turn resell the Private Label Rights to the article packages if you want them to have the rights to do so. You can resell the Private Label article packages individually or all of them together!

Now Introducing The Big Article Pack and it’s 4 PLR packages:


25 eZine Marketing PLR Articles 25 Online Dating PLR Articles
  • Why Publish an eZine
  • Making Money from Selling Advertising Space
  • Mailing List for Affiliate Marketers
  • Which One is More Important – Product or Mailing List
  • Publishing Your eZine – the Pros
  • Publishing Your eZine – The Cons
  • Deciding the Nature of Your eZine
  • Churning out eZine Content
  • The 3 Best eZine Formats
  • What You Need to Start an eZine Publication
  • Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber
  • Converting Every Web Page into Subscriber Snatching Devices
  • Ad Swap Magic
  • Building Your List with Articles
  • Building Your List with Paid eZine Advertising
  • Refrain from Buying Bulk Mails
  • Weakness in Safe List
  • Using Free Reports to Build Your List
  • Landing Page Success Tips
  • Building Your List with Give Away Ventures
  • A Popular Autoresponder Marketing Technique
  • Autoresponder Improvements
  • Autoresponder Marketing Techniques
  • Do The Two Step
  • Improve Your Sales With Autoresponder Improvements
  • Establishing Online Dating Relationships
  • Growing Online Dating Relationships
  • More Popular Online Dating Activities
  • Online Dating Activities
  • Popular Online Dating Activities For Men
  • A Man’s Secrets to Successful Online Dating
  • Ask the Right Questions First
  • Honesty Really is the Best Policy
  • Nice Guys Do It Too
  • Online Dating Can Be Tough
  • Online Dating For Single Men
  • Online Dating is Not a Contest
  • Online Dating Safety For Men
  • Online Flirting
  • 3 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid
  • A Woman’s Don’ts of Online Dating
  • A Woman’s Guide to Writing a Great Profile
  • Blind Date vs Internet Date
  • How Do I Choose the Right Site For Me
  • Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist
  • Nice Girls Do It Too
  • Online Dating For The Single 30 Something Woman
  • Online Dating Safety for Women
  • The Advantages of Online Dating for Women
  • What Are the Odds of Finding Mr. Right Online
25 Web Design PLR Articles 25 Basics of Investing PLR Articles
  • 5 Important Rules in Website Design
  • 5 Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back
  • Generating Revenue with Good Planning
  • Good Design Practices
  • How To Have Websites Built For You The Cheap Way
  • The Importance of a Sitemap
  • Improve Usability of Your Website
  • Building Your Mailing List with Downloads
  • Make It Easy To Buy From Your Site
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Using Web Templates
  • Pros and Cons of Flash-based Sites
  • Reducing Load Time Through Image Optimization
  • Search Engine Friendly Pages
  • The Importance of A Good Design
  • Ways To Improve Sales Through Your Website
  • Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site
  • When Is the Right Time to Redesign
  • Who Is Your Audience
  • Why Hire A Designer
  • Why You Should Use Graphic Templates
  • Is it Easy to Create Our Own Website
  • Should I Create a Website
  • The Key to Better Websites-A Navigation
  • The Key to Better Websites-B Design
  • Website Customization
  • Avoiding Impulse Spending
  • Rebates – Reward or Rip Off
  • Spend Wisely to Save Money
  • The Budget
  • Why Should I Make a Budget
  • About Online Trading
  • Choosing A Broker
  • Determine Your Risk Tolerance
  • Determining Where You Will Invest
  • Different Types of Bonds
  • Different Types of Investments
  • Different Types of Stock
  • Getting Your Feet Wet
  • How Much Money Should You Invest
  • How To Know When To Sell Your Stocks
  • Investing Basics
  • Investing for Retirement
  • Investing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Investment Strategy
  • Long Term Investments for the Future
  • Stabilize Your Current Situation Before You Invest
  • The Importance of Diversification
  • Understanding Bonds
  • What Is Your Investment Style
  • Why You Should Invest

As each article has an average of 250-400 words, You will receive 25 High Quality Private Label Articles in Word and Text format and Private Label Rights and Master Rights license complete with easy-to-follow instructions!

Since you have the FULL Private Label Rights and, Master Rights to this product, you can also resell the source Private Label Rights at $67.00 each!

* While these are only example prices, you can sell the product in whatever format at any price you desire!

That’s 100 articles in total! If you engage ghostwriters to write the same amount (and quality) of articles for say, $5.00 each, that would be $500.00 out of your pocket, which I don’t think you’re willing to let go.

But with at least $500.00 saved and TONS of value added into this package, this is one of the best Private Label article packages you can steal than ask to bargain for in the Internet marketplace.

Since you can also resell these article packages separately or altogether, you can use my principal sales letter to help you sell the Private Label articles! That’s another $500.00 value you’re getting, since copywriters would’ve charged a minimum $500.00 for writing a sales letter like this.

That’s right. But since I want to make this readily and easily available to you, I’m going to let you “steal” this package for the price of only $1,000.00 $97.00.You won’t see it anywhere else (at least, before this page came up).

I know there’s no great sense of urgency in getting this complimentary offer, but think about it:

You could be cashing in on 4 totally different hungry niches by selling your own Information Products, publishing your own newsletters, and building content rich sites. If each niche brings you $1,000.00 a month, that would be $4,000.00 or more a month in total!

You save at least 5 and a half weeks in writing your own content – assuming you’re a good writer, that is.If you don’t have a flair for writing, it would probably take forever. And this isn’t taking into account the knowledge you might or might not have in all 4 niches.

You’re getting $500.00 worth of articles for the price of only $97.00. That’s only a 19.4% fraction in the total cost of the articles produced.

You could be earning more reselling the articles package – individually or altogether at any price you want – offering you an instant income opportunity! But just be sure to follow the terms and conditions below:

Grab The Big Article Pack Today!

It’s digital in nature so you can download this mega pack instantly as soon as you make your payment via the order form below. The faster you secure this package, the faster you can forget the nightmarish thought about having to spend weeks, maybe months of torment in content creation and oodles of hard earned money spent!

License Private Label Rights (PLR)
File Size 1.26Mb
File Type Text (.txt), Word (.doc)
Extras Graphics, Salesletter
Release Date January 2006
RRP $97

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